Ditch the Sidewalk – Citi Summer Streets Opens NYC Streets in August to Pedestrians

far way ssPhoto by Glenwoodnyc.com

Take the opportunity to hit the open streets of New York as Citi Summer Streets comes to Union Square for the first three Saturdays of August.

Visitors and locals of all ages and abilities are invited to play, run, walk and bike along Park Avenue, Union Square East and Fourth Avenue from 7 AM to 1 PM on August 6th, 13th and 20th. End your ride in Union Square with a trip to the Greenmarket located on the North Plaza and Union Square West, and further explore the neighborhood with our free walking tour at 2 PM, starting at the Abraham Lincoln Statue on the 16th Street Transverse.
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Recycling Rules Clarified for Businesses to Help City Reduce Landfill Waste

The Sanitation Rules Go Into Effect Aug. 1


The Department of Sanitation has clarified the recycling rules for businesses that will help the city meet its target reducing waste at landfills.  All NYC businesses will be required to comply with recycling rules and certain businesses will be required to Continue reading