Everything You Need To Know About The W Train in USQ

W Train Offers Weekday Local Service Only; Replaces Q in Queens


Photos courtesy of MTA

The W train is coming back to Broadway (the Avenue, not the stage) as the Q line prepares to make its transition to the new Second Avenue subway route. The W will replace the Q in Queens; the Q will only run in Manhattan and Brooklyn .

We’ve broken down service on the yellow lines below if you’re traveling through Union Square, effective starting November 7th at 6:30 AM:

The W Line

  • Starting Mon, Nov 7th, take the W to Queens on weekdays (the W train will not run on weekends)
  • The W will make local stops between Whitehall St-South Ferry, through Manhattan, to Astoria-Ditmars Blvd in Queens

The Q Line

  • After November 7th you will no longer be able to take the Q train to Queens
  • The Q train will continue to serve Brooklyn as it had before the W train was reintroduced
  • The Q line will temporarily terminate at 57th St-7 Ave until the Second Avenue subway is completed
  • Read more about the Q line’s new track on the Second Avenue route on Curbed NY

The N Line

  • The N train will run express in Manhattan from 34th St-Herald Square to Canal Street. Service in Brooklyn and Queens will remain the same
  • The N train will make a stop at 49th St in Manhattan at all times
  • Use the N train for local service late nights and on weekends

The R Line

  • The R train route is unchanged but it will begin late night service on Saturday, November 5th between Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Whitehall St-South Ferry station

Photos courtesy MTA

Read all the service details (as well as service broken down by station and time) on MTA’s website.