Recycling Rules Clarified for Businesses to Help City Reduce Landfill Waste

The Sanitation Rules Go Into Effect Aug. 1


The Department of Sanitation has clarified the recycling rules for businesses that will help the city meet its target reducing waste at landfills.  All NYC businesses will be required to comply with recycling rules and certain businesses will be required to source separate and recycle food waste, effective August 2016. In addition to helping the planet, businesses can save money and avoid fines by complying with the new rules.

Avoid fines, reduce your waste and save money – detailed information on new recycling sanitation rules can be found at NYC.GOV/ZeroWasteBusinesses.

To find out if your business is covered by the business organic rules, visit ON.NYC.GOV/Commercial-Organics.

To sign up for a free training, host a training, or download recycling signs and education materials, visit ON.NYC.GOV/ZeroWaste-Business-Resources.

If you still have additional questions, request a free education site visit by emailing with “SITE VISIT REQUEST” in the subject line.