Doughn’t You Want to Celebrate National Doughnut Day?


What better way to ring in the weekend (TGIF!) than with National Doughnut Day. Below, our top #USQEats spots for doughnuts in the Square.

Union Square Greenmarket

Stop by the Union Square Greenmarket (Union Square Park Plaza) for fresh apple cider doughnuts straight from the farm. If it’s apple, it’s healthy, right?


If you’re more of a brioche doughnut fan, visit Dough (14 W 19th Street) for their classic glazed, or live on the wild side with Hibiscus, Passion Fruit, Pumpkin, or even Lemon Meringue. You can pick up Dough at Le Cafe Coffee (7 E 14th St or 145 4th Ave) and Mr. Moustache (227 E 14th).



Or, treat your nostalgia to a free Entenmann’s doughnut on the Pedestrian Plaza (17th St and Broadway) today from 7 AM to 1 PM with the Salvation Army.


What’s your favorite doughnut in the Square? #USQEats