“Disorder” Debuts in Union Square

2016 (03-03) Artwork4.jpg

Stand at the corner of Broadway and 17th Street and you’ll see the lines of the City — short and tall, old and new — a disorder that, together, forms a singular view of New York. It’s this architecture and energy that inspired French conceptual artist Bernar Venet’s new sculpture Disorder: 9 Uneven Angles, which was installed on this corner in partnership with the Paul Kasmin Gallery, the Department of Transportation and Union Square Partnership.

Standing 26 feet high, the sculpture’s nine Cor-ten steel angles of varying heights and degrees seem to move in juxtaposition to its surroundings, and attempt to alter people’s perception of their environment.

Mr. Venet, who lives in New York, just won the International Sculpture Center’s 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award. His first solo show, in concert with Disorder‘s installation, will be presented at the Paul Kasmin Gallery starting April 28. The sculpture will be on view in Union Square until June.

The sculpture joins artist Beverly Pepper’s “My Circle” to the south, at the 15th Street Pedestrian Plaza.