LinkNYC Debuts Free Public Wi-Fi Kiosks in Union Square

5Four new Wi-Fi kiosks have been installed and are operating along Third Avenue between 15th and 19th streets, just two blocks east of Union Square Park. The kiosks, called LinkNYC, are part of a City contract to repurpose payphone infrastructure. Each Link provides a range of services, including a touch screen panel that lets you access city services and directions, make free domestic calls, and charge your devices with USB ports. Best of all, the Wi-Fi network uses a special fiber optic network that delivers speeds up to 100 times faster than your average public Wi-Fi. LinkNYC expects to roll out at least 510 new Links throughout the city by July. The system is now in beta, giving New Yorkers an early opportunity to try out Link’s features, provide feedback and help create the future of our sidewalk experience. Give it a try! Walk by and find the LinkNYC network to test out the future of NYC. Learn how to connect.