“My Circle” Sculpture Unveiled


In celebration of artist Beverly Pepper’s 93rd birthday, USP partnered with NYC Parks and the Marlborough Gallery to bring one of the artist’s interactive sculptures to Union Square Park Triangle. The sculpture, My Circle, is the most recent installation of the City’s public art movement, which seeks to change the way passers-by interact with space.

“Seeing, touching, and the physical sensory engagement is the way into my sculpture,” Pepper said in a statement. “My intention is that the meaning of my work rests in experiencing it, similar to the performing arts where listening and seeing the moments of a performance where meaning is revealed through experience.”

My Circle, made from steel that weathers with time, features an incomplete circle that represents imperfection, beginning and ending, and the “connectedness of existence.” The circle changes in shape depending on where you stand — from the front, the circle appears nearly complete; as you move toward the side, the lines appear to shift and open. This thread runs throughout the artist’s work, which has been displayed in museums and galleries across the world, including the Brooklyn Museum and Rome’s Museo dell’Ara Pacis.

Next time you’re passing by Union Square, make sure to take a spin around My Circle, and let us know what you see!