Chefs from The Fourth Give Back to Community Seniors

Chefs from Union Square’s The Fourth restaurant teamed up with CityMeals-on-Wheels to deliver meals to elderly community members this April, Town & Village reports. The deliveries were part of CityMeals’ Chefs Deliver program, which invites chefs to hand-deliver restaurant-quality meals to homebound seniors. Since its founding in January 2014, Chefs Deliver has donated over 3,000 meals to its clients. Most recipients live alone, and many live with physical disabilities.

In April, The Fourth’s chefs Jason Hall and Marco Moreira and hospitality director Ashley Bradford delivered plates of Moroccan-spiced braised chicken with peas, carrots, and Israeli couscous to residents of Stuyvesant Town and the East Village.

“I had the honor of spending time with four women from different backgrounds and to hear about their lives, achievements, struggles, loves and families. It was an experience I will treasure,” Bradford told the Union Square Partnership. She also spoke of The Fourth’s commitment to the community. “Like the CityMeals-on-Wheels recipients, we are a part of the history of this lovely part of town. We look to continue to grow and give back to those who helped make this city and neighborhood the place that it is today.”

The Fourth, an elegant and sophisticated fusion of a bar, café, and restaurant, is located at the 134 Fourth Avenue in the Hyatt Union Square New York.

Homebound Seniors Get Special Delivery