Harvest in the Square is as Local as Local Gets

Harvest in the Square

This Thursday, Harvest in the Square returns in its 19th year bringing together foodies and the best of local restaurants in support of Union Square Park. ‘Local’ and ‘farm-to-table’ may be trendy now, but from its inception in 1996, ‘local’ has been a main focus of this event as established by original restaurant chairs, Danny Meyer of the Union Square Cafe and Eric Petterson from The Coffeeshop. Each restaurant’s unique dish is created with local, farm-fresh ingredients from the Union Square Greenmarket, purchased with stipends made available through the Union Square Partnership and the regional growers from Greenmarket. Controlling food and recyclable waste is important to the event and its participants, and City Harvest representatives will be collecting all leftover food for distribution to the neediest New Yorkers, and everything possible will be recycled at the evening’s end. Plates and utensils used at the event are made entirely out of biodegradable materials, and the giant event tent in the North Plaza of Union Square Park will be lit using electricity generated from biodiesel fuel. Finally, the wines enjoyed throughout the evening come from regional wineries of Long Island and the Finger Lake region of New York State. Everything from green power to local fare has been considered in building New York’s original local food & wine event. Come enjoy New York’s original local food & wine event and help support Union Square Park this Thursday at Harvest in the Square.

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