Single-Focused Restaurants Make Their Mark in the District


Basmati Rive Bowl from Desi Shack

Basmati Rice Bowl from Desi Shack

A restaurant that just serves fresh ceviche or one whose specialty is gourmet nuggets? The single-focused restaurant is all the rage in Union Square. In 2014 alone, Union Square has been home to the opening of several singularly focused restaurants such as high-end pizza and wine at Pizza Vinoteca, fresh ceviche from Cevich, cold-pressed juices and smoothies from Liquiteria, bubble tea from ViVi Bubble Tea, Basmati Bowls from Desi Shack, Böreks from Mighty Pie and the opening of The Halal Guys’ first brick and mortar store serving up NYC’s quintessential chicken and gyro plates. In a world where we have endless options, these restaurants have found a niche focusing on one specialty item or cuisine, and doing it really well. Business owners are drawn to the district and are choosing Union Square’s dynamic neighborhood to open up their restaurant concepts. Other notable Union Square specialty shops include Pie Face, The Nugget Spot, Bao Haus, Glaze Teriyaki, Dos Toros and Vanessa’s Dumplings. It seems as though the single-focused restaurant trend is here to stay, and it will be interesting to see what other eats we can expect to pop up in the neighborhood!