Solar Charging Stations Return to Union Square Today

Solar-Powered Charging Station in Union Square Park’s West Side Seating Area

The Union Square Partnership wants to keep you connected! We’re happy to announce that we are again partnering with AT&T, Pensa, and Goal Zero to bring back the wildly popular solar-paneled cell phone charging stations for our visitors to use while in Union Square!  This year, we will have 3 charging stations in our seating areas where you can plug in and recharge. The first station will be located in the West Side Seating Area within Union Square Park, the second in the Pedestrian Plaza on Broadway and 17th Street, and the third charging station will be located at the James Fountain area (“Mother and Child” Statue).

The program grew out of Superstorm Sandy when New Yorkers who had lost power for days flocked to city centers to recharge electronic devices. We encourage you to check out the new charging stations in Union Square, but please do not leave your phones unattended.