Square Meals: Omakase Menu at 15 East

IMG_6173When we heard about the Omakase menu at 15 East, we knew we had to check it out! Omakase is a is a Japanese phrase that means “I’ll leave it to you” and is used at sushi restaurants to let the chef decide the menu.

As a long time participant of our annual food and wine event Harvest in the Square, we have become big fans of 15 East and Executive Chef Masato Shimizu, or Chef Masa as he is lovingly known by his fans. To start with, service at 15 East is impeccable.  From the people who greeted us at the door to those that served us, to Chef Masa himself, everyone was incredibly warm, welcoming, extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

There are only nine seats at the sushi bar, but these coveted seats are definitely the best in the house. Being able to see the chef expertly craft each piece of sushi, from the impressive knife work to the perfectly seasoned rice, each piece is presented with the same grandeur as the one before it.

We had the sashimi omakase menu, in which we were presented a variety of the freshest, quality seafood we’ve ever had. We started with the most tender octopus that had been massaged for 30 minutes before it was poached in sake and water. Additionally, there was sea urchin from both California and Japan, monkfish liver, golden eye snapper, otoro, miniscule white shrimp and a sinful custard of foie gras, mushrooms and black truffle that was unbelievable. These are just a few of the pieces presented, as we were too euphoric to remember to write down the name of each dish presented.  Nevertheless, this meal reminded us of why 15 East certainly deserves all of the great press, acclaim, awards and Michelin stars that they’ve earned over the years. A huge thank you to Ashley Bradford, Chef Masa, Joann Makovitzky, Marco Moreira and all of One Five Hospitality for an exceptional experience!

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