Flagship Opportunities Open Up in Tight Union Square Retail Market


There has never been a better time for retailers to set up shop in Union Square. The neighborhood consistently enjoys low retail vacancy rates relative to the rest of the city. New construction and renovation of a few key retail spaces has brought rare opportunities for those looking to break into the area. The New School’s gleaming new iron-clad University Center at 65 Fifth Avenue recently opened and includes 8,500 sf of available ground floor retail space. The Feil Organization is putting the finishing touches on the renovation of 853 Broadway, transforming the space into five floors and 31,000 sf of flagship retail space at the neighborhood’s busiest corner. Additionally, another 15,000 SF of prime retail is available on 14th Street between University Place and Fifth Avenue. The space combines an existing Duane Reade with two adjacent storefronts. These opportunities and more are listed on page two of the Biz & Broker which can be found here.