What’s for Lunch: Han Dynasty

picture courtesy of Timeout

picture courtesy of Timeout

After hearing all the buzz and reading the rave reviews about Han Dynasty, we had to check it out! The Philadelphia-based restaurant specializing in Sichuan cuisine recently opened its doors at 90 Third Avenue. The meal definitely did not disappoint!

What we ordered:
Dan Dan Noodles ($7.95): This is the must-order dish here. Hand-mixed at the table, the signature Dan Dan Noodles are addictive and have the a kick of spice.
Double Cooked Chicken ($12.95): Sauteed Chicken with leeks, hot peppers, fermented black beans, and chili oil. Don’t be scared off by the chili oil and hot peppers, the heat level on this dish can be adjusted to fit your taste.
Bok Choy with Black Mushrooms ($11.95): The Bok Choy with Black Mushrooms was so beautifully presented that we almost didn’t want to eat it. The bright green veggies contrasted nicely in texture and color with the black mushrooms.

bok choy