LA SOIRÉE Begins Tonight at Union Square Theatre

la soiree

LA SOIRÉE performances begin tonight at the Union Square Theatre. The circus-cabaret show has been heralded by critics as “Beautiful. Funny. Impossible.” with a good mix of singing, acting, circus performance, cabaret and burlesque, bringing the old vaudeville salons into the modern age.

“It’s distinguishable from other manifestations of the burlesque revival in several ways. One is quality control: every turn is a show-stopper. The evening is deftly curated, too, so that a feat of virtuosity (Jess Love throwing all manner of shapes while twirling a hoop round her toe) is followed by one that’s mainly comedic, such as Canadian clown Mooky Cornish pratfalling hilariously in the guise of 80s Euro-conjuror Mila Malakovna. Then you’ll see something plain lovely: Hamish McCann’s Gene Kelly-inspired pole-dance routine, say, in which he takes grip on a lamppost, flips his outstretched body on to the horizontal plane, and walks through the air.”

– The Guardian

Read the full article here, and visit the show’s website.