Sukkah City Screening this Sunday in Union Square Park

Sukkah City Screening

Back in 2010, bestselling author Joshua Foer held an architecture competition that challenged the creative potential of contemporary architects and designers with conceptualizing the modern sukkah – a temporary hut constructed for use during the week-long Jewish festival of Sukkot. That year, Union Square’s South Plaza played host to the lucky 12 finalists’ designs (out of over 600 entries).  The competition and exhibition was documented in a film entitled Sukkah City, which will have its first screening in the North Plaza of Union Square Park this Sunday, September 22nd at 7:00 PM. Continue after the jump to see more stylin’ sukkahs.The film goes behind the scenes of the competition from jury day, with an all-star cast of architects, academics and critics as they debate the merits of the submissions to the construction, installation and exhibition of the twelve winning structures.  The film also explores the artistic process of architects, and documents how these ancient buildings were reinvented for the 21st Century. Find out more about Sukkah City screening here.Sukkah City entrant "LOG" by Kyle May and Scott Abrahams

Sukkah City 2

Sukkah City 5

Sukkah City 1

Sukkah City 3