6 Great Spots for Iced Coffee

It’s hot. It’s really hot. Coffee that sans ice cubes just won’t cut it. Here are six coffee shops you might not know about in Union Square where you can get a delicious iced coffee to cool you down.

1. Bourbon Coffee
43 West 14th Street
(212) 675-5552
Bourbon is larger than most coffee shops, and they offer free Wi-Fi (in air conditioning!). With comfortable seating, plenty of electric outlets, a variety of flavors and super clean bathrooms, this is the spot. Bourbon Coffee originated in Rwanda and the profits go to benefit the business industry of Rwanda.

2. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters
71 Irving Place
(212) 995-5252
This hidden gem, is tucked a few steps below street level on Irving Place between 18th and 19th streets. It’s a dark, but quaint place to escape the heat. The lines are never too large, and there are even a few tables outside for those willing to brave the humidity.

3. Joe the Art of Coffee
9 East 13th Street ‎
(212) 924-3300
Joe’s Union Square location is the best of this popular mini-chain. Tucked off 5th Avenue, the staff is always friendly and they can brew up a fantastic cup of iced coffee. They have an abundant selection of flavors and offer a large assortment of baked goods.

4. Madman Espresso
East 14th Street
(212) 505-2233 ‎
Brand new to the neighborhood, this little coffee place is quickly becoming a favorite. If you’d like a delicious cup of coffee with time put into the pour, look no further. Every drink they make is carefully made, so this may not be ideal if you’re in a hurry. Although the space is small, there are few seats which offer a view of the street (AKA air-conditioned people watching is possible).

5. Sunburst Espresso Bar
206 3rd Avenue
(212) 674-1702
Sunburst is a perfect spot for either a quick cup of coffee, or a sit down breakfast or lunch. They have a full menu and are opened until 11, later than most other coffee spots.

6. Think Coffee
123 4th Avenue
(212) 614-6644
Recently renovated, Think Coffee is now better than ever. For a seat, we recommend stopping in during the morning, as it can be a challenge to find one in the afternoon. There is also breakfast, plenty of sandwiches, baked goods and they’re vegan friendly!