Summer in the Square – June 13th Recap

Peridance Contemporary Dance Company put on an unforgettable Performance.  (Photo: Scott Hobbs)

Peridance Contemporary Dance Company put on an unforgettable performance. (Photo: Scott Hobbs)

The rain did not knock this little green square in Manhattan down!  Summer in the Square kicked off yesterday and with it the most exciting, intense day of fitness and fun.  Kicking off at 7:00 AM, the Paragon running club set off and Circuit of Change‘s Mind Body Boot Camp kicked it in the rain.  It was exhilarating and inspiring.  No mat unmanned.  The rain put a damper on Baby Loves Disco, but kids yoga marched on under the protection of the Pavilion building in the North side of Union Square Park.  And finally, the incredible Peridance Contemporary Dance Company put on a stellar performance that entranced hundreds of people for an hour.  After the performance, Zumba kicked off.  Shy at first, even the hardest New Yorkers joined in on the dance.  All before the evening heavy rain.  Phew!  You haven’t seen anything yet!  Next week brings a whole new Thursday.  So if you missed it, check out our schedule and get down here!

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