Union Square Park’s Wi-Fi Getting Additional Capacity


Union Square Park was one of the first parks in the New York City to offer free wi-fi over a robust modern network.  To continue to provide excellent service to all those who enjoy the park, the Union Square Partnership is working hard to substantially upgrade the existing network.  Over the past several years, personal technology has leapfrogged forward and it is now fairly common for park-goers to tote data-hungry smart phones and tablet computers.  A recent New York Times article explains new challenges to public networks as more and more people expect to stream video and music at speeds close to their personal networks.  To adjust to the changing norms of technology, the Union Square Partnership is in the midst of a significant upgrade to Union Square Park’s popular free wi-fi.  The new system can accommodate up to 1,000 simultaneous users, up from 250.  The system will also use smart technology to segregate older and newer devices to increase network speeds. This will prevent most users from being on one channel at the same time, and create a better experience for everyone.  The new system is being provided with support from Beth Israel Medical Center, a strong Union Square community partner.  Read more about the new system in The Villager or check it out for yourself by finding  “USP Park Wi-Fi” on your device and agreeing to the terms and conditions.