Getting an Update from Style Works of Union Square


New York City is known as the fashion capital of the world, but some of us still need a little help.  Enter Style Works of Union Square.  Style Works is an image consultant company that will perform a thorough analysis of your personality type, stylistic choices, complexion, and body type and literally go through your closet to bring out the very best looks for you.

Felicia's skin tone was analyzed against different hues of similar colors to find the best match.

Felicia’s skin tone was analyzed against different hues of similar colors.

Felicia Tunnah (picture right), recently went through the process to find the perfect outfit for the Union Square Partnership’s Annual Meeting next Monday.  Carol was on hand to help.  Carol is the owner of Style Works and a resident in Union Square.  She worked with Felicia’s existing wardrobe, providing Felicia with an education on how to think about her outfits in a new way.

After reclaiming many garments that were lost to the bottom of Felicia’s closet, Carol quickly evaluated which clothing ‘honored’ Felicia’s body and which  were not helping to bring out the best in Felicia.  “The process was difficult and I had to part with many items I liked,” Felicia said, “but Carol showed me how garments may be great on their own, but may not help bring out some of my best features.”

Recombining clothes Felicia already owned.

Recombining clothes Felicia already owned.

Felicia and Carol then went shopping in Union Square to find items that not only complimented Felicia’s current closet selections, but added new staples to create looks that Felicia loved.  “I’ve completely changed the way I select my outfits before work.”

“It’s all about finding the best look for you,” Carol said.  “Everyone is different and the trick is to find something you’re comfortable in that will bring out the color in your face and your shape.”

Without spending a tremendous amount of money, Felicia came out with a style she loves (see final photo below).

Style Works is a Union Square-based small business.  To get a free 30-minute consultation, email

Felicia's New Look

Felicia’s New Look