How do you like your Eggs Benedict?

Last week,’s blog – The Delivery Bag – covered the best variations of Egg Benedict styles in honor of Egg Benedict Day.  We were struck by the variety and how many of the restaurants surveyed were in Union Square.  So in honor of your weekend brunch plans, here’s a look at how places in the nabe are serving the dish:

1. Ngam’s Eggs Benedict with poached eggs, lemongrass hollandaise sauce, English muffin, clawhammer farm ham with extra Crab – Ngam

2. Spicy Eggs Benedict with jalapeño-cheddar biscuits, nopales, green chile and chorizo gravy – Dos Caminos Park

3. Lobster Eggs Benedict with miso-yuzu hollandaise – SushiSamba Park

4. Southside Benedict with poached eggs, pulled pork, buttermilk biscuit, chipotle hollandaise, cheddar grits – Wildwood Barbeque