Union Square Phone Booths Transformed in Pilot Program

USP Executive Director Jennifer Falk checks out the first new booth on Broadway and 12th Street.

Today, a new pilot program began in Union Square to modernize phonebooths for the information age.  The new booths feature information touch screens that provide a wealth of neighborhood and city information including real-time subway service updates, nearby landmark information, and local event listings, programs, and discounts.  With soaring pedestrian numbers aided by the annual Holiday Market and weekly farmer’s greenmarket, Union Square was a natural place to pilot the new booths.  In addition to information, the new screens offer free wireless service, and phone-charger ports.  The pilot is rolling out over the next few weeks throughout the Union Square neighborhood. View locations of new booths after the jump.

First 10 Locations:
66 East 13th St.
824 Broadway
115 Fourth Avenue
45 Third Avenue
82 Fifth Avenue
230 Second Avenue
537 6th Avenue
117 East 14th St.
19 Union Square W.
120 East 15th St.