New Art Installation Honors Veterans Day

Union Square Park’s statue of Abraham Lincoln will speak for the first time since the statue was installed in 1870. Beginning today, voices of recent veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars will animate a bronze commemorative statue as part of a new public art installation: Abraham Lincoln: The War Veteran Projection. For thirty-one days, the memories and feelings of ordinary Americans will speak through Lincoln as part of an outdoor public art installation by Krzysztof Wodiczko, an artist renowned for his large-scale light projections on architectural facades and monuments. The Union Square Partnership is proud to work with the artist, the NYC Parks Department, and More Art to bring this unique artistic installation to Union Square Park. The Lincoln Statue’s animation will coincide with Veteran’s Day and is located on the 16th Street Transverse of Union Square Park, in front of the playground entrance.

New Exhibit is on display:
6 pm – 10 pm from November 8 – December 9th

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