Street Tree Enhancement Project Makes Trees and Pedestrians Happy

USP’s efforts to beautify the streetscape forge ahead with the latest and greatest street tree upgrades. Some of you may remember when the base of our street trees (crudely referred to as “tree pits”) were covered in decorative wrought-iron. Turns out, the metal was choking the roots of our green friends. As seen in the photo on the top left, the roots would often push on the iron pieces, creating tripping hazards and further damaging our trees’ roots. USP decided to do something about it. After months of battling scaffolding to complete the project, USP successfully worked with property owners to replace the old bases with attractive cobblestone covers, that are not only porous allowing our trees to drink up rain and reduce the burden on the drainage system, but also place less weight on roots to keep our trees comfortable. On your next trip to the greenmarket, take a look down and see for yourself.