USP Hosts Small Business Forum and Networking Event

This morning, businesses from around the neighborhood and beyond came to a very special networking and small business forum on emergency management, presented by the Union Square Partnership, Con Edison, and the NYC Office of Emergency Management.  At breakfast, Jack Smith, Director of Enterprise Business Continuity for Synovus, retold of his experience working for LaSalle Bank during a major electrical fire in 2004 – the largest skyscraper fire in Chicago’s history. Mr. Smith shared his experience putting an emergency plan into action and seeing, first-hand, what works and what doesn’t. Participating neighborhood businesses learned, not only the practical benefits of planning and being able to continue operations following an unexpected emergency, but also the strategic advantages of being more prepared than competitors. Anxious to start their own planning, businesses peppered Mr. Smith with questions on a variety of topics, such as file and record retention and backup, to the frequency of evacuation drills.  To learn what you can do in an emergency, view our tips of preparing for disaster and stay tuned for more small business networking opportunities and events coming soon.