Study Shows Success in Union Square Plazas

Strolling along the northern end of Union Square Park, it’s fairly obvious the pedestrian plazas have been an overwhelming success. On any given day, throngs of people bask in the sun, checking their email and eating lunch.  NYC DOT recently released a Sustainable Streets Index where they measure all kinds of quality-of-life indicators. Their report finds that, following the installation of the new plazas and safety islands in 2010, injuries from vehicular crashes decreased by 26% and injuries to motor vehicle occupants fell by 65%. This is no small feat if you’ve seen how busy the area has become with the additional seating we’ve added to the new pedestrian oasis. Additionally, injuries to bicyclists decreased by 5% despite tremendous growth in ridership along Broadway – an 18% increase of cyclists on weekdays and 49% on weekends. Check out the full report here (PDF).