USP Crews Gear up for District Spring Cleaning

Starting today, USP is expanding sanitation hours and adding additional Clean Team members. Our spring clean-up work includes district painting of street light poles, bollards, hydrants and mailboxes. The Clean Team is in the district Monday to Wednesday from 6AM to 9PM, Thursday to Friday from 6AM to 11pm, Saturday from 7AM to 11PM, and Sunday from 7AM to 9PM. This schedule will remain in place through October 31st. In addition, the park’s Clean Team is responsible for the daily placement and cleaning of tables, chairs, umbrellas, and maintaining the park’s restrooms and plazas. The park-dedicated team works from 6AM to midnight, 7 days a week. Our Clean Team conducts weekly power-washing of high-traffic corners throughout the district and the plazas surrounding the park, and regularly waters all planters and hanging baskets in and around the park and plazas. We work hard to keep our streets clean; look out for our guys in blue, all summer long.