Wells Fargo Cultivating Community Relationships in NYC Expansion

wells fargo

San Francisco-based bank Wells Fargo is expanding their reach in the New York market. The company is experimenting with smaller branches they’re referring to as “the neighborhood bank format,” to maximize retail presence in tight NYC spaces.

Cultivating strong community relationships are key to the bank’s NYC expansion, hiring dozens of bankers to cultivate relationships with small and midsize businesses. Continue reading

Rothmans Opens New Store

Rothmans opened their new, larger space at 222 Park Avenue South, just one block north of their previous location. A neighborhood institution since 1986 and one of the last family-owned businesses in Manhattan, Rothmans is one of Union Square’s greatest success stories. At 11,000 square feet, the new store is the largest independent menswear store built in New York City in decades. The design and layout have been upgraded to reflect a hip, modern style and outfitted with an even greater selection of designer menswear. At the opening, Rothmans also unveiled a new exclusive special collection from designer Duckie Brown designed specifically for Rothmans.