Miami Pays a Visit to Union Square

Today Miami tourism is holding an event in the North Plaza.  The event is complete with a little pool.  Stop by; there are prizes, free sunglasses, and coconut water.  Only in Union Square!

Second-Quarter Biz & Broker Released

This morning USP released the second-quarter Biz & Broker newsletter (PDF download here).  In it, you’ll find information and trends about Union Square white-hot retail market.  We’ve even added a handy map and contact information for the few remaining opportunities within the district (pictured above).  Jump on these spaces now – if the past any indication – they won’t be around long!

Peridance Contemporary Dance Company at Summer in the Square

Last week, Peridance Contemporary Dance Company performed a spectacular performance at Summer in the Square (see video above).   The Company will be returning next week (July 26th) to wow the crowd again.  Come check them out at 5:00 PM.  Peridance are also the creative fun-makers behind our popular Dance in the Square free classes.  Check them out at Summer in the Square and use our great district deal to take classes this fall!

Harvest in the Square tickets are now on sale

We were so busy dancing about at Summer in the Square that we forgot how quickly Harvest in the Square was creeping up.  Tickets went on sale on Sunday and we’ve already seen a tremendous response.  Harvest is the original local food and wine event – dating back to 1995 before you even knew the words “locavore” and “foodie.”  Yep, we are that ahead of our time.  Harvest is also the one and only fundraiser for Union Square Park.  All those blog posts about our crew cleaning and planting around the park are paid for with proceeds from this fantastic one-night event.  And what a night it is!  Meet the chefs from the hottest and most popular restaurants in the nabe and enjoy their signature dishes made from fresh farm produce from our very own Union Square Greenmarket. Book now, these tickets won’t be around long.

People find a break from the city with “Lavender by the Bay”

In midst of the hustle and bustle of Union Square, the scent of lavender can be found in the Greenmarket at the “Lavender by the Bay” stand. The company has lavender in all forms: fresh, dry, and even some that is tea brewing ready. So visit the Greenmarket on Monday and Fridays and take a bundle or a bag home so that the fresh outdoors is just a whiff or a sip away!

Treat Yourself to a Steak Lunch – Exclusively During Restaurant Week

There are tons of fabulous restaurants in Union Square participating in Restaurant
“Week’s” 20 Days of Dining this year ;-).  This year one of our neighborhood favs, Strip House, is opening its doors for lunch to celebrate the occasion.  Steak fans can sink their teeth into $24.07 prix fix menu items that includes signature Strip House items with seasonal twists, like Sliced Filet Mignon and Beefsteak Tomato Salad with stilton cheese and house steaksauce, Crispy Soft Shell Crabs with dill tartar sauce, and Peach Melba with sautéed raspberries and vanilla ice cream for dessert.  Among its accolades, Strip House was named “one of New York’s top steakhouses” by Zagat in 2012 and in 2011, and awarded four stars by Forbes in 2011 along with being named one of “New York’s All-Star Eateries.” In 2010, The New York Times awarded Strip House two stars and praised its evolution since opening a decade earlier, saying, “the food is generally marvelous, the steak often superb.”  Check out the menu and make your lunch reservation today!  This year, Restaurant Week runs on weekdays from Monday, July 16th to Friday, August 10th  in celebration of NYC & Co.’s 20th Anniversary.

To Celebrate Queen’s Diamond Jubilee – Virgin Challenges Union Squarites to Laugh-off

Never a dull moment in Union Square!  On Saturday, June 2nd, Virgin Atlantic held a competition challenging parkgoers to make a British guard laugh.  Participants had the opportunity to win free round trip tickets to our sister-city over in England (London).  See the video above. Have photos from the event?  Share your photos with us on our flickr page.

Famed Neighborhood Comic Store is Growing

Once again, Forbidden Planet has outgrown its space.  Currently across from Strand, the comic book retailer is staying in the nabe and moving only a few doors down to 832 Broadway.  The new location allows patrons to stretch out like Mr. Fantastic in space about 70% larger than their current location. Forbidden Planet has been in the hood over 30 years.